Murphy, Sam & Jodi

Murphy, Sam & Jodi

Murphy Sam and Jodi is a fun way to start the day. Murphy and Jodi are married, Sam is the guy that stirs things up. It's real life, it's fun,...Full Bio


Jodi’s Slow Cooked Country Style Pork Ribs


Pork Ribs (1 pack for a family of 4)

(It will say country style – its actually pork shoulder)

Any & All dry seasonings or rub you like

Season well

A few pats of butter


Place in the slow cooker on Low for most of the day. At least 6 hours – up to 8 is fine.

Cook on low all day, do not open top.

30 minutes before you want to serve, open and pour BBQ sauce over the ribs. Cover and leave on Low. Turn off the slow cooker when ready to serve.

Feeds a big family, not expensive. I’ve also used Teriyaki sauce on a batch. Delish!

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