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Murphy, Sam & Jodi

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I Did it Again

Here I go again! Doing an 11 Day Cleanse with GoCleanse Healthy Weight Loss.

Honestly, I missed the way it made me FEEL Felt good, together, planned, accomplished, HEALTHY.

The last cleanse I did was the 30 day – where I lost about 12 lbs. What I found SO interesting about it, was how it CHANGED my tastes. I only craved good things for many many days after doing this.

On GoCleanse, you DO eat. You have “Shake Days” where you have a shake (i like the chocolate 1) for breakfast and for dinner. You have a healthy lunch. I usually did a fish with veggies, or a chicken breast with a salad & balsamic dressing. SO GOOD. I still look forward to that fish, pan sauteed in some olive oil and seasonings. VERY satisfying.

I am doing an 11 Day Cleanse now – honestly just because I want that FEELING again. Not sure how many more pounds I want to drop. Maybe just a few!

My fun little GoCleanse secret – is that I am addicted to their products! I still buy & use them even when I’m not on a cleanse. I drink their bone broth. I snack on the little chocolate & caramel squares when I want something sweet. It’s all natural – loaded with good stuff for your body. The shakes also really work for me as a good breakfast. So filling, and filled with more nutrition than I could get on a full plate.

I DO highly recommend looking INTO Go Cleanse if you need a jumpstart, a change, a lesson, a reason to be PROUD of yourself. Here is the info:


Muah! And good luck. It is do-able, and SUCH a good program.



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