Murphy, Sam & Jodi

Murphy, Sam & Jodi

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Jodi explains her Cleanse Diet

Been getting lots of DM’s about this – thought I’d just write/blog to you.  😘

I’m on a CLEANSE!   Me. 😬 Can’t even believe it myself.  Day 17!I only wanted to drop a few Quarantine pounds.   But I’m impatient.  When I want something, I want it now.  And this IS changing me & my body rapidly. Safely! 💪

It is GoCleanse.   I’m doing the 30 Day Cleanse.  There are others.  My bestie is doing an 11 day Cleanse.

Yes, I get to eat.  Yes there are snacks!  The shakes are pretty tasty.  And yes, I fill up faster now than ever.

Out of the 30 days, there are a few “cleanse only” days where I have mostly liquid.  But on those days – there are snacks too for blood sugar levels.  BOOM!  

This is doable.  And THIS program is not just about pounds or inches lost (although pounds and inches ARE LOST!)  – it’s about getting toxins out of the body.   FEELS VERY GOOD.  Who knew?????!!!!   

I also feel a real sense of accomplishment.  Self respect.  Following it, being disciplined and FEELING the results.   

Sure – on Day 31 I may eat a thing or 2 like I used to.   Like before.   But I cannot imagine I’ll just let go of all I’ve learned.  NO WAY!   It has been SUCH an education about CHOICES.

BONUS:  If you do GoCleanse, you get a coach to help anytime you need it.  Mine is Rita.  I text or call her whenever.  Texted her during the Superbowl!   She is FULL of knowledge about how this works.  And so encouraging.

Oh, and btw. I’ve lost about 6 pounds already.  Only wanted to drop 10. 🙃

800 888 3037


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