Jodi’s Spaghetti Squash

This is a FAVORITE at our house! Taylor & Phoebe like it better than regular pasta when we have red sauce.

  • 1 medium sized spaghetti squash
  • 1 deep dish casserole dish
  • Cooking spray

Heat the oven to 400 degrees. Spray the dish, and use a fork to prick holes in the squash. I do several.

Cook/Roast it for an hour at 400. Turn it once about halfway through cooking time. Once an hour is up, turn off the oven and leave the squash in for another 10 minutes.

When the squash is cool enough to handle, cut in half. Scoop out the seeds, then use a fork to scrap away the “spaghetti.” Serve with red sauce, OR just add some butter & salt.

Murphy, Sam & Jodi

Murphy, Sam & Jodi

Murphy Sam and Jodi is a fun way to start the day. Murphy and Jodi are married, Sam is the guy that stirs things up. Real. Fun. Family. Friendly. Read more


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