What to Look for when Checking into a Hotel

Listen at 6 minutes in the show podcast below:


In your room:

Look for Bed Bugs!   They hide in the corners of the mattress.  They are small, but apparently even upscale hotels have problems with them.

Counters:   Table, Desk, bathroom counter tops.   If they aren’t clean – what else is dirty?

Glassware.  Look for dirt or lipstick on the rim of the glass.   Sometimes they don’t get washed with soap & water.

Comforter!   It does not get washed as often as the bed sheets.   (Jodi takes it off of the bed completely)

Murphy, Sam & Jodi

Murphy, Sam & Jodi

Since 1996, Murphy Sam and Jodi has blended role defined arcs with pop culture and listener participation! Read more


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