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Staycation Ideas

Sometimes you just want to go on vacation, but you just don’t want to go on vacation, you know? If you find yourself wanting to get out of the house, but you don’t want to have to drive an eternity to get there, we have some staycation ideas that would be perfect for you:

Game Day – play games all day.  Take snack breaks!

Board games, card games, outside games will all work! Change up the scenery too. You can bring the board game to the park or something.

No Electronics.  Go quiet!

We have too many screens to look at all day, every day so why not try to go a full day without them? Can you do it?

Spa Day.  Everyone gets something done.

Treat yourself! Make you and yours feel better and more relaxed by going to the spa and working on you.

Spend the night in a hotel in town.  Enjoy the pool!

Maybe the best part of a vacation for you is the hotel. The AC, the ice machine, the room service? It’s all part of the experience and perhaps if you like that enough, just go spend the night at a hotel in town! You don’t even have to drive anywhere. Pick the best one and use all that gas money you saved on a bunch of room service!

Drive to a hiking spot.  Pack water & food, then go explore.

This one speaks for itself. Hiking will accomplish most of these staycation goals. No screens. Just you, your snacks and the open wood.

Movie day.  1 in the theater, 1 later at home.

With so many remakes in the theater now, you could probably watch an original and a remake all in one day.

Take in a museum, or 2!

There’s art museums, science museums, and many more places to learn and experience new things.

Go out to eat somewhere the family has never been.

Maybe there’s that one restaurant that you keep passing by but you’ve never eaten there. Go out there and try it!

Park day.  Drive the best park you’ve not experienced.  (water or rec)

Rent a convertible.

Tour a factory – or 2.

Take the family to a play – especially if kids have never been.

Tour a fire station, train station etc.

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