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Jodi’s Homemade Lemonade

It would be SO easy to just do a lemonade powder mix and let my kid sell that at her lemonade stand.  But, I COULD NOT.  Not with THIS awesome & easy recipe in my family!  And now, my kitchen smells like LEMONS.  And let’s be honest, all kitchens should smell like lemons.


  • 6-7 lemons, juiced
  • water
  • 1 cup sugar



Warm the water on the stove (no need to bring it to a boil) and dissolve the sugar in it.  Slice the lemons in half and twist them until they are cleaned out!  I am happy when the juicer is almost full of fresh lemon juice.

Pour the warm sugar water into a pitcher, then pour in the fresh lemon juice.  (we also add some lemon pulp)   Fill the rest of the way with water.  Viola!!    IF you find it not lemony enough – slice & squeeze more lemons.  This recipe is SIMPLE.  Happy Summer!!!!

Why THIS lemonade recipe is sweet for me:   Phoebe made her sign and got the tablecloth ready while I shopped for lemons.   I was so busy getting all the stuff ready, I didn’t really give her sign a good LOOK.   I only noticed what she WROTE when we were headed out.  At the bottom of her sign, she wrote that the money will be donated to the Children’s Hopsital.   She plans to sell all summer and then donate in August.   God Love it!!

Enjoy it.  It tastes like summer.

Simply and Sincerely,


P.S.   My Phoebe asks for 50 cents a cup, and is amazed when neighbors give her dollars and ask her to keep the change.

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(Hear more about Jodi’s Homemade Lemonade at 16:40)

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