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YOUR Most Creative Halloween Costumes

We’ve received a ton of pictures of you and your kid’s Halloween costumes (most of which you made yourself). Below are some of our favorites.

“Another Starbucks costume… I made this for a friends daughter a few years ago…. she wanted to be a latte. Lol”


“Happy meal Halloween costumes.” 


“Last year we did a family costume and my son of course stole the show! I made the hat from scratch out of old fabric, poster board and paint and everything was either found in a second hand store or made from stuff I already had except the wig! I even did his make-up best compliment I received that day was, ” I don’t know if he looks more like the mad hatter or Johnny Depp””  


“My dog Huey’s homemade Halloween costume”




“Some of my favorites. Holy Ghost and Neon Skeleton and 80s” 


“My son, Cooper has loved Transformers for years, so every year for 4 straight years he was Optimus Prime. The 5th year I had to get creative and made his costume out of cardboard boxes. Only cost was the paint, and it was fully transformable” 


“I’m listening to you guys right now talk about costume ideas. A few years ago my daughter wanted to be a minion. After getting supplies from the dollar tree and hobby lobby we made it happen. We got a big candy bowl some poster board some pipe cleaners and a can of oatmeal from the dollar tree. I drilled some holes in the wall but the poster board together and spray-painted it all yellow. Duck taped it all together and put some pipe cleaners through the top of the bowl for his hair. Cut the bottom off the oatmeal can for his eye. Got some fabric from Hobby lobby to make her overalls and got her a bubble maker so she’d have a fart Gun.”


“I heard you talking about unique costumes. Last year my son wanted to be a Nike shoe box, but with one exception, it had to open. So we made it out of cardboard boxes and I made it to where it opens and glued a picture of a pair of shoes inside. He loved it and it was a big hit!”


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