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Ryan Seacrest Confirms His Return To ‘American Idol’

Ryan Seacrest will be back in the job that made him a household name!

Jodi shares this Hollywood Outsider at 14:38 in today’s show podcast.

According to FOX NEWS

Ryan Seacrest is returning to the show that made him a household name. The TV personality will be joining the reboot of the hit series, “American Idol.”

“I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a 15 year relationship and then for a reason you really don’t know you break up, and I thought ‘gosh it’d be great to get back together at some point,’” explained Seacrest.

Ripa responded, “You make that show. You are the heart and soul. People really don’t understand how difficult it is to be there, be supportive, keep the show moving at the clip that it moves and then back away when you need to back away…and step away when you need to step [away]…because you make it look so easy, no one understands how difficult it is. Only you can do it.”

Seacrest is “excited” for his “Idol” return on ABC. He joins castmember Katy Perry who will serve as a judge, and will be making $25 million for her stint.

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