The Best Words To Use In Your Dating Profile

Jodi goes through and explains exactly which words to use at 27:56


According to Business Insider,

Women who described themselves as “ambitious” in their dating profiles attracted 48% more attention than those who did not. Men who used the phrase “physically fit” in their bios attract 96% more attention than those who did not include those words.

The 10 most attractive words to put in your dating profile, for men:

  1. Physically fit (+96% more interaction than peers who did not use this phrase)
  2. Perceptive (+51%)
  3. Spontaneous (+45%)
  4. Outgoing (+44%)
  5. Optimistic (+39%)
  6. Intelligent (+35%)
  7. Passionate (+32%)
  8. Affectionate (+29%)
  9. Articulate (+24%)
  10. Ambitious (+23%)

The 10 most attractive words to put in your dating profile, for women:

  1. Ambitious (+48%)
  2. Perceptive (+46%)
  3. Sweet (+33%)
  4. Hard working (+32%)
  5. Thoughtful (+28%)
  6. Physically fit (+21%)
  7. Creative (+19%)
  8. Rationale (+19%)
  9. Spontaneous (+19%)
  10. Energetic (+18%)

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