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#DearDelilah ... Do You Have Extra PEEPS in the House This Easter?

A friend of mine had fun with her grand kids last weekend building Peep Racers.

Assembled with Twinkies, Peeps, treats, and some canned icing, it was hours of fun. To try it, you'll need:

Twinkies Peeps Pretzel twists (steering wheel)

Mini Ritz peanut butter sandwich crackers (wheels)

1 can vanilla icing tooth picks and paper for flag making.

Let the racing enthusiasts use their imagination when assembling, then wave the checkered flag and see who makes it to the finish line first!

(Hint: None - they'll be consumed prior to completing a single lap!)

Not a bad way to have fun with all those extra Peep's DURING AND AFTER Easter Weekend .... mmhmmmm!

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