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Dana Tyson

I've always loved listening to the radio and I'm so glad you chose to listen to us! I'm Dana... a mom, a furry friend mom, a wife and the best GIGI!...Full Bio


Goodwill's CTA program offers free training to be a Heat Pump Technician

Goodwill Clean Tech Accelerator™ (CTA) program, a partnership between Goodwill

Houston, BlockPower, and Accenture offers free training to become a Heat Pump

Technician. Candace Keith’s life took a transformative turn when she discovered the

Goodwill Clean Tech Accelerator™ (CTA) program through Texas Workforce Solutions.

Her experience with juggling multiple retail and service jobs made it difficult to provide

for her family. Burdened by job insecurity and financial stability, she realized that the

program would offer a career and lead her to achieve her goals.

Candace's determination led her through a four-week hands-on training, where she not

only gained skills but also earned valuable certifications, paving the way for a sustainable

career in clean energy. The certifications received from the program immediately provided

job opportunities and onsite training in the HVAC industry, something that typically takes

years to achieve.

Being a recent graduate of the first cohort of the Goodwill Clean Tech Accelerator™ (CTA)

program, Candace's success story is a testament to its effectiveness. As the clean energy

industry continues to expand, initiatives like the CTA program play a vital role in bridging

the gap between workforce development and employment.

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