Top 20 things a host should do for company!

Never been to a Southern home that didn’t do the classic behaviors of hospitality like offering guests a drink soon after they arrive, a place to have a seat, and having a clean and tidy home. But there are now some modern tweaks to hospitality must dos!

Give guests the WiFi password, offer a variety of food that covers dietary preferences, and have the appropriate music for the occasion!

Here is a list of Host tasks

1. Have a clean home

2. Offers guests a drink soon after they arrive

3. Makes sure guests don't have to wait too long before some food is served

4. Doesn't making a fuss if anything gets broken or spilled (it’s the risk you take!)

5. Have a great selection of drinks - from non-alcohol to wine and bear.

6. Ensures all guest have a comfortable place to sit

7. Have options for all dietary requirements

8. Presents food nicely - whether they've cooked it from scratch or 'cheated'

9. Spends more time with guests than in the kitchen-or have a kitchen large enough

10. Defuses any awkwardness or questionable things said by guests

11. Accept guest’s help but don’t assume they will help.

12. Offer guests drink refills

13. Serve courses on time

14. Have games and/or activities - but do not force them on guests

15. The right background music can make it an occasion!

16. Allow other people bring things (salads, puddings) to share the load

17. Give guests the WiFi password-Early arrivals and guest staying awhile especially!

18. Personalized name place settings-can help keep the peace!

19. Arrange a babysitter or entertainment for kids.

20. Have pets kept in a bedroom (this is for their safety as well as your guests.)

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