4 Things Needed to Make You Happy at Work!

Keeping employees happy means better production of work! There are only 4 things required to make an employee happy and while being paid well is an obvious answer you can fall short on that if you have the other three! What's more if that is the only thing you offer it won't keep your employee motivated for very long!

Here are the 4 things required to keep an employee happy:

  1. Paid well (no surprise)
  2. Opportunities for advancement (that is an oldie but a goodie)
  3. Contributions are valued (those thank you emails that forget someone are almost worse than no congratulations at all.)
  4. Control over the work they do at their job. (Mindlessly working gets old fast.)

So how does your job measure up? More importantly if you are an employer, how does your work measure up?

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