Home remedies to the Rescue!

There are home remedies that people on the internet are swearing by and as they don’t seem to cause much harm if they don’t work, I thought I would share them!

They say ants won't come in to your home if you leave out cayenne pepper. (Super hate ants so I will be trying this one, ASAP)

Pickle juice could be the answer if you're suffering with a stomach ache, as this user claims just one shot sorts out his upset tummy every time. (Sort of like raw apple cider vinegar, which has always work at our house so this could be possible!?!)

The inside of a banana peel helps heal and calm bug bits and stings. (I’ve tried this and it totally worked for me!)

To relieve cold symptoms take a hot bath in a combination of Epsom salt, baking soda and fresh ginger. (Sounds relaxing at the very least.)

Have you got a home remedy you would swear by? Please share!

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