The reason we’re seeing more “Hand Wash” tags on clothing!

Because more manufacturers are making cheaper clothing that’s more susceptible to pilling while using less expensive dye options, that tend to bleed or run more, we need to hand wash to save our favorites!

Here is how...

1.Fill a clean sink with water (for cottons or durable synthetics use hot water; cold water for more delicate textiles – Cashmere, silk, lace and embroidered garments.)

2.Add a teaspoon-ish of detergent (preferably a low-alkaline version), swish it around and then put your garment in. DON’T SQUEEZE the water through your clothing.

3.Let it sit for 10 minutes, then run it under the faucet to rinse out any leftover detergent. Drain the sink without the garment in it.

4.PRESS (not twist or wring) the garment against the side of the sink or basin to release excess water.

5.Lay flat to dry.

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