Everyday products that can cause issues from toothpaste to shampoo!

The everyday things you may be allergic to or are experiencing reactions to range from tooth paste giving you mouth ulcers to shampoo giving you a type of eczema. What’s more the products like deodorant don’t necessarily affect the exact area they are applied but could cause problems elsewhere on your body. Thus making their detection that much harder.

Chemical Problems

Anything that foams can cause problems and because various chemicals can create that effect it is hard to simply read labels.

Antibacterial and anti-fungal in any number of products can mess with your skins own protective barrier.

Mascara, nail polish and hairspray often contain synthetic acids.

Wet wipes and products labeled, “hypoallergenic’ and ‘gentle’…Surprise! The culprit is methylisothiazolinone, or MI, it is an antibacterial preservative. It is rare but for people with problems, especially babies, it can cause itchy rashes or dry patches.

A dermatologist will be the best at helping you narrow down the exact chemical giving you issues. The good news is that we have such incredible access to so many products that you should be able to find replacements.

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