Foods to Avoid in Order to End Menopause Symptoms

We can avoid symptoms of menopause with an anti-inflammatory diet! This is one of those diets that are good for a number of ailments and the whole family can benefit from this diet, not just the folks that will be happy to see mom's occasional sweaty flashes of anger go away. 'Cuz let's admit it, its not just the heat. Its a total sensory overload that leads to a good deal of rage then you become sweaty hot. Enough of it! Try this diet. Will it be easy? Depends on what your idea of easy is...surviving life after a massive natural disaster isn't easy; Giving up a few things you used to like to eat for other things...In the grand scheme of things, not really that hard.

So to avoid menopause symptoms we need to avoid inflammatory foods. Again something we can all benefit from...That means not eating gluten rich foods and basically getting on a diabetic friendly diet.

From now on we are going to pass on bread and pasta, (try rye bread if you must or gluten free pasta.)

Potato chips with their trans fats are another no-no. Crunch on a carrot or cucumber instead.

Sweets like cookies and ice cream are also to be avoided. Too much sugar, trans fats and gluten. Think sweet potatoes or frozen bananas.

The really hard ones to give up: Pizza and Alcohol! Wait pizza has enough gluten free options...But alcohol is basically fermented high-sugar plants a major no for a number of reasons! Buy lottery tickets with the money you would have spent on alcohol. Or save the money for the new clothes the thinner healthier you will need!

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