Tiny phones are back and they could be good for you!

Even phones are going retro? Remember cell phones before they could get the internet? Back when every new version was smaller than the last. But then came the touch screens and everything we now waste all our time doing.

Well if you still have great vision after all that, you may like the latest Palm phone. It’s cheaper than what other companies are offering and yet it is also small enough to fit in the palm of your hand! It’s roughly a thick credit card in size. The price is $350. Oh and there is another bonus, they believe it will help curb phone addiction…(Because it’s too small to actually enjoy using?!? HA!) It’s because when users feel the need to take a break, they can turn on 'Life Mode,' which enables a variety of features on the device, including conserving the battery life, do-not-disturb and airplane mode. Users won't receive notifications and the screen will remain dark.(Um, an off switch?)  https://www.palm.com/product

Seriously though I love the purse options this opens up!


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