CPR for your relationship!

How not to argue with your partner 

You must never:

Tell your other half they are overreacting.

Threaten with ultimatums.

Make off-the-cuff diagnoses or conduct character assassinations.

Tell them they are blowing things out of proportion.

Bring in your own list of complaints.

Try to joke your way out of it.

Ignore or argue with someone’s strong-held perception.

Add in past issues.

These are just some of the tips offered by the new book for relationship CPR (Connect, Protect and Respect). Another really cool tip from the book is to not focus on the relationship but on yourself. “Be interesting and interested in your partner.”

Ask yourself: ‘What did I originally do that made me irresistible? What did we do together that gave us happiness?’

The book, The Revolutionary Art Of Changing Your Heart, by Andrew Fuller 

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