How to keep seasonal allergy flair-ups down!

The most common allergies are triggered by particles in the air. Unlike ingested or skin allergies, symptoms can be triggered by a deep breath.

Here is what one expert offered in ways to help prevent symptom flair-ups.

1. At home- As pollen counts are highest in the early morning and early evening, keep windows closed at these times. Solid non porous floors are preferable to carpets, avoid rugs! Vacuum regularly and consider having a dust filter fitted to your vacuum cleaner. Dust regularly with a damp cloth so the dust is absorbed.

2. Shower before bed- Pollen and other triggers get trapped in our hair during the day, eventually making their way into our airway. In addition be sure to wash your pajamas and bedding regularly, too. This will get rid of the dust and pollen that may accumulate.

3. Honey is NOT the answer-It is a much loved old wives’ tale that a spoonful of honey prevents allergic reactions to pollen. However, honey does not contain grass and tree pollen. Honey is actually made by honeybees from the nectar of flowers and plants, not pollen.

4. Don’t remove your nose hair... or pluck eyebrows-(Good news and bad news on this one: Less painful grooming but DAAAANG, not going to be feeling “cute.”) These hairs are designed to function in a way that helps prevent allergens in the air from entering our body. But don’t panic, light trimming of unruly brows and protruding nasal hairs is fine, just as long as you don’t wax or remove the hairs completely.

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