Smoothies can actually be bad for you!?!

Smoothies are a good thing but, even they can become too much of a good thing. Nutritionist have noted that the amount of sugar in a fruit-filled smoothie can quickly add up and even reach levels comparable to a soft drink. So how much should we add? According to one nutritionist no more than a cups worth (A half banana and a half cup of berries would be it.) We also need to pass on the fruit juice as it doesn’t have the fiber we need and too much sugar. Fruit flavored yogurt is not good either as it is super high in sugar, too. Need more filler?

They recommend we add more vegetables: 2.5 cups of vegetables,

1 tbl spoon of any nut butter

1 tbl spoon of seeds from chia to ground flax gives extra omega 3s that way.

No seeds? How about half an avocado?!?

A veg "melk" can help dilute the mix giving more nutrition too but check the sugar levels on that as well.

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