7 signs you may not be ready to be friends with your EX

It seems like the grownup thing to do…become friends with your ex after the breakup. It may not be the thing you need to do at all. But if you are in a position where it is the closure you feel you need, here are the 7 signs you may not be ready to be friends just yet.

1. Still feeling hurt or angry...deal with your unresolved feelings first.

2. The thought of your ex dating someone else upsets you.

3. You can’t talk about your ex without getting worked up.

4. You still fantasize about getting back together.

5. You’re feeling lonely…This means you are still in too much of a vulnerable state.

6. Are you digging for information about your ex on social media or from mutual friends…not good.

7. Expecting your ex to become the person they used to be when you were together…not going to happen.

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