6 feel good foods to eat that may help defeat depression!

Depression is defined as a low mood that persists over a long period of time. Mild cases of depression may not stop you leading a normal life, but it can make everyday activities more challenging and less worthwhile. More severely, depression can be life-threatening. While exercise is considered the best DIY remedy, changes to your diet may also be a huge help. Of course you should check with your doctor in any case. Beyond the daily 20 minutes of exercise consider the following diet changes.

Vitamin D-We get it from the sun converting the type of D we eat. So how much oily fish and mushrooms are you eating?

Balance your blood sugar-Fiber rich foods will help prevent sugar crashes.

Magnesium-This one is especially important for women as they tend to be deficient more frequently. Dark leafy greens, seeds, nuts, dried fruit and bananas!

Iron-Found in red meat, oily fish, beans, nuts, dark green vegetables.

Omega 3-Fish again, avocados, nuts.

Essential amino acid called tryptophan-It is found in very small amounts in poultry, but also in seeds, bananas, oats and most beans. 

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