How to remain CALM in any situation!

Our most basic stress response is usually fight or flight. Our mind goes blank and we just have and urge to bolt or battle. However, in most of life’s “stressful” situations that isn’t going to work. Experts reveal the simple mindfulness techniques that will calm you down in ANY stressful situation. The basic mindfulness method consists of being present in the moment, observing your surroundings and using goal-based visualization.

Being present or in the NOW-Notice Observe Wonder. The moment panic starts focus in on something very near you, notice say a lamp. Observer it’s shape, color, placement. Wonder about who made it, how it got there. This will stop or slow the escalation of your stress hormones.

Take a walk mindfully-This isn’t about your physical health as much as your mental health. Paying attention to your surroundings, the sounds your feet make on various surfaces, the pace of your breathing while walking. Congratulations, you are in the moment. This clearing of your thoughts and exchange of oxygen can help you think more clearly.

Goal-based visualization- it is a form of creative thinking that works because the brain does not distinguish between real or imagined experiences. With that in mind it clears the way for you to envision a future result that is positive rather than dwelling on the fear of a potential negative that is no more real than your positive visualization.

Imagine the situation you are facing being in a welcoming environment

Then see the scenario of future events going positively and with you feeling confident.

Finish by picturing the best possible outcome and repeat the process in your mind

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