Reasons why we feel Dizzy!

There are common reasons why we may find yourself feeling dizzy, from getting up too quickly from a sitting or lying position to more serious reasons. Feeling a little lightheaded can be a result of an underlying medical condition or things like not drinking enough water. It could also be age-related.

Dehydrated-This is always the first one to suspect. Water helps the blood move around, including to your brain! The old we get the easier this is to happen.

Iron deficiency-Low iron messes with our blood. That in turn makes it harder to circulate blood to the brain and then we’re dizzy. If adding raisins and/or spinach to your diet doesn’t make it better, check with your doctor before trying a supplement as too much iron is a bad thing too!

Motion sickness-Not fun but not too serious. Lying down until it passes, stopping any fast movement, resting and drinking lots of water, as well as avoiding tobacco, coffee and ... drugs and alcohol until it calms down.

Inner ear issues: The room feels like it is spinning when say getting out of bed. This could be a temporary malfunction of the inner ear. Usually a sudden onset but should clear on its own within a few days. But if conditions worsen or are accompanied by hearing loss, ringing, or vomiting, you need to see a doctor as it could be signs of a disease.

Migraines-are often preceded by moments of dizziness.

Low blood sugar-you may also feel cold and sweaty.

Low blood pressure- This is one of the really dangerous reasons to feel dizzy. When your systolic pressure is less than 80 you get dizzy or faint. It’s because not enough blood is getting to your brain!

Medication- particularly antidepressants and other psychiatric medications, sleep medications, blood pressure medications, muscle relaxants and pain relievers ― can all lead to dizziness.

Age-Yep, one more sign that age is punitive. Our meds, dehydration, and decline

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