How often should we wash our hair?

Oily, dry and normal hair types require different amounts of washing. Haircare experts warn that that washing your hair every single day can strip the hair of important oils, and do far more damage than good. However, beyond that people who suffer with dry scalp should wash hair just once or twice a week. Those with oily hair should avoid shampooing every day, but should wash hair three to four times per week, using a dry shampoo in between washes and color-treated hair should be washed less frequent than normal hair types.

Working out- If your hair is damaged one expert recommends shampooing hair once or twice per week week - and if you are concerned about working out and getting sweaty, just rinse your hair with water, it will still leave it feeling clean without stripping it of its natural oils.

Oily Hair- hair can be washed every few days but the trick is to add conditioner only to the ends!

Dry Hair-You shouldn’t wash your hair but once or twice a week, however you can condition it, especially the ends.

Damaged-Especially hi-lighted hair, washing once or twice a week and then be sure to brush hair daily to help stimulate your natural oils and spread them throughout your hair.

Normal hair-Lucky you! Wash as often as necessary but still not daily. As in every other day at most.

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