N.O. Math Teacher's Word Problems With SAINTS Application!

When this ol' DJ was a youngster in school, I always struggled in mathematics.  Fractions and problems were hard enough for me, but then - usually at the end of every math test - the teacher would give us word problems.  Yep, pretty basic stuff in elementary school. But in middle and high school, the word problems became more abstract and difficult. 

As a teenager, I would often question the so-called "life application" story lines that required us to solve a "real life" problem. If the the problem was based on a situation that did not relate to ME, I would zone outta there, applying Ferris Bueller logic. "What's the point...it still doesn't change the fact I don't own a car." 

FAST FORWARD TO NOW: This brilliant New Orleans area math teacher had the PERFECT compelling story line that just about every student - and parent - could relate to. It was all about that Saints game where we were robbed of the Super Bowl. No doubt about it. This instructor should get some sort of Teacher of the Year award. 



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