Why Men Should Date A Strong SOUTHERN Woman!

Here in the South, strong women are often misunderstood by single men.  However, that lack of understanding should not stop them from pursuing a relationship with her. Here are 10 pretty strong arguments why.

1. A strong Southern woman won’t be easily offended.

She won't give men a mean lecture or a stern look if a guy opens the door for her.  In fact, a strong southern woman will appreciate it. It’s the way they were raised.  And lagniappe:  Strong southern women are not nearly as likely to be so serious about things (or subjects), because they look at life from their own personal confidence perspective.

2. A strong Southern woman loves a man's strength.

This is not always the case in other parts of the country. Strong southern women actually value strength in their men.  She doesn’t want a guy to sacrifice who they are so she can look good. She actually enjoys an equal match; someone who has as much strength as she does. Men can voice their opinions and disagree with her without blowing up a relationship.

3. A strong Southern woman offers an adult relationship.

Playing games or doing drama isn’t her thing. What a strong woman values is a grown-up relationship that deals with life elements in a logical way. After all, she truly embraces  life, and is totally OK with a guy who adores her because of it.

4. A strong Southern woman will let men know where they stand.

A man may freely  tease and/or strongly express their opinions, as long as they don't cross over into insults. She will quickly let that guy know he has misread her. Men won’t have to play any guessing games about this. While it might be uncomfortable for him at first, it's excellent training for future conflict resolution.

5. A strong Southern woman has high standards.

This is a good thing, because she’ll want to push her man to the same (or higher) level.  With her, a guy can freely collaborate ideas and strategies, and she will quick to encourage his self-belief along the way. She believes that anyone can accomplish anything, and she’ll be a guy's biggest supporter throughout.

6. A strong Southern woman won’t back down from difficult situations.

When times get tough and a man needs someone to stand strong, he'll know she has his back, even in moments of weakness. This does NOT mean that she won’t ever find herself in weakness, but guys can rest assured she has plenty of inner strength to face any situation with courage.

7. A strong Southern woman will keep things interesting.

She goes after what she wants in life; always on the lookout for change and positive growth experiences. At times, this can happen rapidly, so “status quo” men need to be prepared. While the uncertainty might be uncomfortable for him, it keeps life with her exciting and entertaining as they face new challenges and discover new ideas.

8. A strong Southern woman expects authenticity.

There is no mistake about her strong sense of self and unwillingness to have a real authentic relationship.  Nothing fake is allowed.  She can spot male phoniness a mile away, and will quickly move on if she sees it.  She only wants a deep and intimate relationship; one worth fighting for.

9. A strong Southern woman has her own opinions.

Men-especially southern men-already know this woman has plenty of her own ideas and opinions.  Smart Southern men know this makes her a great person to have stimulating conversations with.  Men  hear the conviction in her views, allowing for an excellent give-and-take communication process. There’s a lot a man can learn from her.

10. A strong Southern woman is self-motivated, but she motivates her man.

She has already learned how to have a positive, motivational attitude regarding herself.  She has this down to a science. She wants to see their man get motivated as well.  When that happens, men will recognize her as their biggest supporter, defending  (and promoting) him to others. This will push him to a new level of maturity and emotional depth, as they challenge him to love her passionately and vigorously. 


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