Signs the job you hate is harmful to you!

Signs you may hate your job and how it could be causing problems with your health…

One of the first things you may encounter is problems with your sleep. Can’t fall asleep, waking with anxiety or restless sleep is not good for you at all. 

Headaches, being tense all the time is giving them to you and they are only going to get worse. 

General muscle aches, fighting the urge to get-up and walk out isn’t just a mental battle. You are physically messing with your body too.

Regular emotions and illnesses get heavier and more frequent when you are at a toxic work place. 

Your stomach begins to develop issues as stress rocks the world of your gut bacteria. 

It’s not surprising then that with all that you begin to lose interest in things that used to bring you joy as you are now too tired to do them. 

Sadly we then try to compensate for the extra stress by eating carb and sugar rich comfort food. That only makes matters worse in the long run.   

What can you do about it? 

Starting with the simplest option first:

Take breaks: Step away from the stress zone if possible. A walk around the office might be enough to give you a recharge. doesn't have to be complicated either. Just focus on the simple act of breathing calmly.

Rethink the situation: Try to avoid dwelling on what makes the job horrible and try to focus on what you like. Free hot cocoa in the break room, a coworker that makes you laugh, the commute from work to home is short or appealing...

Leave: This may sound drastic but it may also be inevitable. When you hate your job you eventually tend to show it by doing poor work or having a bad attitude. That could leave you in a position of losing  that job while making yourself look bad. 

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