Coaching The CROWD: Sean Payton Has New Scheme For Noise

Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara both talked about it on the sidelines last Sunday when the Saints’ defense was on the field. It was the first time they saw the noise meter in the Dome get to “130” in Sunday's come-from-behind playoff win against the Eagles.  In radio terms, we call this kind of noise measurement "pegging the meter."  When the audio modulation gets that high above 100 on the V.U. (volume unit) meter, distortion will happen. At that point, you won't even be able to hear on-air announcing underneath that distortion.  With that kind of crowd noise last Sunday, the Eagles got distorted.

For this NFC Championship game Sunday, the Los Angeles Rams have already said they will counter the noise by choosing the "hurry-up" plays to silence the crowd. Coach Sean Payton might say, "not so fast." Every Saints fan is aware of his amazing ability to make game adjustments. In order to beat the Rams Sunday, Sean is coaching all of his 76,000 Saints players off the bench to contribute in two areas: Noise AND play clock maintenance. “That crowd noise needs to begin as soon as that last play finished.” Nothing will confuse a hurry-up offense faster than that. OK, it's time to do our job. We won't let you down, Coach. 


-Scotty Mac

Now, here's a little audio demonstration of how loud 130 d.b. (decibels) can sound. (And THAT'S just out of 1 speaker.  Do the math.) #WHODAT! 

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