WATCH Atlanta Mayor: "Just Anybody Other Than The Saints"

#WHODAT! Well DAT be the Atlanta mayor Keisha Bottoms, who just put an entire shoe store in her mouth. The timing of this crazy statement around Drew Brees' 40th birthday today is a bit --misplaced. If not just plain dumb. 

When reporter Terrell Thomas asked Bottoms who were her two team preferences for Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta, she gave a rather polarizing answer. "Just anybody else besides the Saints." Wow. It's pretty clear she will have trouble doing the politician thing of "walking back" this statement.  

Not surprisingly, the Twitter responses from Saints fans were swift and rather angry. Immediately after her Saints slam, she added, "I know there's gonna be a bounty on my head." Ya think?  Not physical harm of course, but a nonstop barrage of rather harsh comments in social media. And they're still coming in.

CAUTION: Several of the responses are-- to say the least -- very strongly worded. Some comments are vulgar and offensive, and iHeartmedia has no control over them. 

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