Tired? Unmotivated? 5 Tips to change that...

January and February are the months we feel most exhausted and lack motivation but it doesn’t have to be that way. Beyond eating healthier there are some other relatively easy fixes that will boost our energy in the dull dark days of winter.

  • Get more sunshine. With it being cooler we naturally plan more things indoors but if we made a point of getting a bit more time in the sun it will boost our energy aiding vitamin D store. So park a bit further away from the door to your work or the grocery store. Waiting in carpool for the kids? Try waiting outside your car. The extra sunshine adds up especially when our goal is a mere 10-15 minutes a day.
  • Dial back on the coffee. Caffeine seems like the right thing when you’re feeling tired but in truth the added caffeine is making you dehydrated. Even a small reduction in the amount of water we take in can lead to feelings of fatigue.  So in the long run that extra coffee is making it worse!
  • Change up your lunch. That mid-day slump gets almost out of hand during the winter months, eating carbs at lunch does not help. They help us sleep, try waiting until dinner to eat them. For lunch strive for the same thing we should shoot for at breakfast: veggies and a protein. Fruit can be your midday snack and also works after dinner.
  • Cut the gadgets—No not completely but being more aware of your surroundings and life in general is far less tiring. Experts suggest we can ease into a more aware state by practicing mindfulness or mediation for five minutes a day.
  • Rosemary! Add it to your food. This super old herb has the potential to improve our ability to focus. That extra boost can make us more productive etc. The best part is, it taste great so at the very least you will have food you look forward to eating!


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