Best Dressed Women In The 2019 Office-20 Styles Under $25

My wife has been around the modeling and fashion industry for most of her adult life, so it's kinda fun to watch what she observes; especially with the newer styles showing up. Here are some newer trends to look for (and dress for) in BUSINESS, according to BUZZFEED. It's a 2019 "slew of chic and professional go-to’s." Here's the list...and you can click to take a closer look. 

1.  printed midi dress

2. cinched peplum top.

3. plaid button-down midi skirt.

4. pair of ruffled leggings

5. faux leather watch

6. structured long vest

7. set of patterned stockings

8. pair of fashionable Chelsea rain boots

9. bodysuit blouse.

10. printed blouse dress

11. pair of elastic ballet flats

12. pair of leather leggings

13. ribbed turtleneck dress

14. delicate necklace and crawler earrings

15. patterned pleated skirt

16. retro midi dress

17. printed button-down maxi dress

18. ribbed top

19. midi pencil skirt

20. colorblock A-line dress 

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