Child and Pet friendly ways to get rid of Ants!

Ant deterrent that isn’t a dangerous chemical?!? If you hate ants have as much as I do you are going to want to try this…Apparently, Baby Powder is the answer. By sprinkling a bit on the ants trail it will supposedly mask their scent so they can’t find it anymore and they don't like to have it on their feet.

Cotton balls soaked in borax are said to go back with the ants and kill the whole hive. With these you just leave a few in a saucer along their path.

Another low chemical fix: add peppermint oil to all cleaners and mop the floors with it and vinegar and hot water. Should be the last we see of ants or spiders.

 Even easier: 20 drops of the peppermint oil poured into a bottle of water - then spritz the mixture on any cracks between doors and windows.

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