Our Favorite Celebrities' 2019 New Year's Resolutions List!

OK, these are not quite "official," but they could/should be! Take a look and see if you agree.

TAYLOR SWIFT: For her Netflix project, she resolves to look like a real-life ZOMBIE HUNTER. 

BLAKE SHELTON: Eliminate cancer; not bourbon. 

MARIAH CAREY: To be more festive all year long. Understandable, since All I Want For Christmas Is You has now officially surpassed 1 BILLION streams worldwide. This makes it the first-and only- female song released in the 1990's to achieve that mark. 

TOM HANKS: Work on my new car.

JIMMY FALLON: To create and play more Tonight Show games--if that's possible. 

DREW BREES: More indoor passing drills, especially now, since all the Saints' playoff games are home in the Dome until the Super Bowl. 

ED ORGERON: Start adding the phrase "Hold That Tiger" in equal rotation with "Geaux Tigers!" 

KELLY CLARKSON: Do more puzzles. 

ED SHEERAN: More baseball--and beer. 

ARIANA GRANDE: Let my little girl have the mic more! (And be healthier-she had to cancel her Vegas New Year's Weekend show because of bronchitis.)

MILEY CYRUS: Take my own wedding dancing skills to a friend's wedding. 

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