20 Things I Would Rather Do Than Make 2019 Resolutions

There are more boring and/or annoying things I would rather do than make New Year's Resolutions, but here are my Top 20: 

Jury Duty

Go Totally Vegan

Watch Reruns Of "Cash Cab"

Explain Twitter To My Mother-in-Law

Subscribe to Redbook

Cardio Crossfit after eating pizza

My Taxes

Hear the Frozen Soundtrack One More Time

Pull Weeds

Paint Easter Eggs

Get a Root Canal

Eat Kale

Give All Of Our Jack Russell Terriers A Bath at The Same Time

Write a blog about Kim Kardashian


Call Someone Collect

Wax My Chest

Have a deep, meaningful conversation with a Telemarketer

Accept All Invitations For Facebook Games

Fold A King Size Fitted Sheet

OK GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! (And Happy New Year!) 

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