Top 15 things people forget every Christmas!

Obviously so long as you are surrounded by loved ones you are doing Christmas well but this list is of the little things that help add the extra touches of merriment.

Top 15 things people are most likely to forget every Christmas!

   1. Buying batteries   

   2. Buying scotch-tape   

   3. To fill the ice cube trays

   4. Wrapping paper for last minute gifts

   5. Tinfoil for the turkey while cooking

   6. Napkins for the dinner table

   7. Buying presents for extended relatives

   8. Forgetting to buy the turkey trimmings - cranberry, apple, mint, bread sauce

   9. Matches

 10. Toilet roll to cater for the extra guests

 11. To take the Christmas presents with you when visiting family / friends

 12. The gravy

 13. Getting a card for the mother-in-law

 14. Forgetting to turn the oven on

 15. Forgetting to put the vegetables on

(Margie's note: I forget to buy the food need to make the other meals, beyond the big Christmas meal!) 

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