Can YOU Be A CHRISTMAS Party Crasher? (Yep, It's A Thing)

We've all heard of WEDDING crashers, but I didn't realize CHRISTMAS office party crashers were a thing! Makes sense though, especially for those larger firms.  Here's how it can be done.  Many crashers like to camp out in hotel lobbies and look for parties that take place in large ballrooms.

There are many online groups dedicated to making sure everyone crashes company parties successfully!

Below are some of their tips....


1. Dress appropriately- Wear a suit to blend in. Don't wear anything too flashy. If everyone is wearing an ugly Christmas sweater, make sure you have one to change into as well.

2. Show up fashionably late- The ideal time to walk in is just after dinner. By this time, the bosses have made their speech, bellies are full and everyone has indulged in the open bar. 

3. Don't coat check- Avoid leaving a paper trail. This is also a good tip if you need to leave quickly.

4. Act like you belong- Do a little research on the company you're crashing. This will come in handy if people ask you questions. A good rule of thumb is to say you work at "corporate" or in "human resources" because nobody likes to talk to these people.

5. Don't take the company gift- Sometimes there's only enough for actual employees. If you can avoid it, try not to take the company gift. Use your best judgement for door prizes.

6. Don't overindulge- You may draw too much attention to yourself if you take advantage of the free drinks. 

There's all kinds of online groups dedicated to crashing parties successfully. I won't link to them here, but they go through so many more tips and tricks.

Have you ever crashed an office party? Or has your party ever been crashed?

Let us know in the comments.


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