11 Things You Should AVOID At The Office Christmas Party!

It's pretty safe to say you will see a different side of your colleagues, and-with an open bar-the contrasts may be quite terrifying. For those awkward moments, there are some ways to navigate those waters wisely.  AND, as far as YOUR behavior is concerned, here are some things to stay clear of. (And that cheesy Christmas sweater? That's a big no.)

1. Getting trapped into conversation with a co-worker you barely know about their family. That on-air DJ, for example who wants to keep showing you the phone video of his son's amazing outside shot in basketball. (Wait, that's me.) 

2. Having a little too much liquid refreshment, and accidentally blurting out some hush-hush company secrets. Oops. 

4. Your boss in the restroom.

5. No options for alternate attire in the car -- you don’t want to be too overdressed, under-dressed or revealing, with no way to change.

6. A companion of a co-worker that starts asking very intimate questions about your personal life you would never tell to any of your team members.

7. P.D.A. on the dance floor. Your co-workers were not looking for those awkward moments, but there you are.

8. The after party gossip – just make sure that you’re not the subject of everyone’s laughter.

9. Don't lose your snacks. If this happens, make sure it's someone else. AND, if you see someone making that green face, stay far away from the firing line.

10. Getting “drunk generous” and buying everyone else drinks after the open bar shuts down. Your bank balance will make you cringe the next day.

11. Last but not least. You can't dance. Not even close. If you don't know it, don't show it. 

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