RIGHT? You Know You're From South Louisiana WHEN...

1. There are only two choices for chicken: Cane's or Chick-Fil-A.

2. If you're not eating Cane's or Chick-Fil-A, you'll have to "make groceries."

3. After you get out of the shower, and you start to sweat, you're not sure if it's the heat of the shower or humidity outside sneaking in. 

4. By the way, 60% relative humidity is comfortable.

5. We take "y'all" to a whole NEW level than other places in the south. For example, when an invitation to a family reunion, they want "all y'all" (DOUBLE plural) to come, and bring "all y'all's dogs." (double plural possessive) 

6. You are annoyed when people get offended when we say "yes sir" or yes m'am."

7. You want your po-boy dressed, and expect everyone to know what that means. 

8. No one outside the state can pronounce your last name. 

9. You know what "don't eat the dead ones" means.

10. You want to get "all up in everyone's business." especially people you meet for the first time. 

11. You get more excited about seeing the mosquito spray truck than the ice cream truck.

12. You're fixin' to do something.

13. You wear a heavy sweater and winter boots when the temperature FINALLY drops to 62 degrees. 

14. You believe that North Louisiana is a different state.

15. You actually WANT to get the Baby in the King Cake, and get upset when you see it laying next to the cake in the box.

16. Sweet tea is ALWAYS the first beverage choice. 

17. You have more Mardi Gras beads in your attic than on most floats in the parade.

18. You make the thermostat switch from cool to heat in less than 24 hours. 

19. You never put summer clothes away. Or flip flops. 

20. A cold front always means GUMBO. And you better make potato salad. 

21. It's called a "buggy;" not a "shopping cart!"

22. It's called the "interstate;" not the "freeway." 

23. It's called "dressing;" not "stuffing."

24. The reason you drive so close to the shoulder on the highway is to avoid the tire worn trenches in the pavement that has potholes and holds water. 

25. When you drive your friend home, you always wait until they unlock their door. 

26. You want to buy a white Ford F-150 truck, and then believe that you're the only one in town with that cool truck. 


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