Voting Selfies-Here's Where It's Legal And Illegal.

Voting today is important. Showing your pride by wearing a post-voting sticker is good. Selfies? In Louisiana, it's OK, as long as you do not reveal your choices on the ballot. Mississippi same thing. However, if you have friends and/or family in Texas or Alabama, the answer on whether or not you can legally snap in the booth is a big fat no. 

Personally, I would settle for s sticker. However, in East Baton Rouge Parish. stickers were hard to find. When they told me they had no stickers to give at my polling place, I went to two other EBR voting locations on my way into work and got the same story. I felt like the little kid going to the doctor; wanting a sticker after my shot, and being told they didn't have any! (WHIIIINE!) Not a happy voter. And there's no way they ran out, because I went early. 

OK, rant over. Back to voting selfies....

Before you follow the Justin Timberlake's example (or other famous voters for that matter), know the state-by-state voting rules. 

Here's a list of the laws across the country. 

ELECTION DAY-Which states it's legal-or illegal-to take selfies at the ballot box. CREDIT: Fox News. 

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