HILARIOUS LSU "Saban Slams" For Bama Hate Week.

  • Nick Saban turned 67 years old on Halloween. Before that, he was either 66 or 666. Difficult to determine. 

  • Nick Saban rides the clutch, so he won’t be such a JERK.

  • Nick Saban eats salmon on Thanksgiving.

  • Nick Saban’s gene pool needs chlorine.

  • Elephants weigh up to 250 pounds at birth, which makes them the biggest babies on earth after Nick Saban.

  • When Nick Saban says something totally shocking, it’s always a kind word to a reporter or an avid Alabama fan.

  • Nick Saban will never grow a beard, because Nick Saban CAN'T grow a beard.

  • Nick Saban puts Lil’ Smokies and kale in his jambalaya.

  • How does Nick Saban chew his nails? He takes off his SHOES! 

  • Nick Saban likes to ALWAYS turn left on Highland Road.

  • Nick Saban always gives socks for Christmas.

  • Nick Saban skips the Texas toast and orders extra cole slaw at Cane’s. THEN he uses ketchup on his chicken fingers, and prefers to put his OWN sugar in unsweetened tea.  

  • Nick Saban wears gloves when he eats crawfish.

  • Nick Saban uses expired coupons, then demands to speak to the manager.

  • Nick Saban gave nothing but Dum Dum suckers for Halloween.

  • Nick Saban only eats Campbell’s gumbo because he can't taste the difference. 

  • Nick Saban voted Taco Bell for "Best Mexican Restaurant" in The Best of 225 Magazine, and Olive Garden in "Best Italian" category.

  • Nick Saban gets his roux from a JAR.

  • Nick Saban thinks all of his jokes are FUNNY, and then wonders why nobody is laughing. 

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