Their Texts May Be Indirectly Saying, "I REALLY Like You"

#1 They are quick to reply. If you don’t have to wait more than just a couple of minutes for a reply from them, then they like you. As for guys, they aren’t as big into texting as most women are. So, if he makes an effort to be easily accessible with faster than average response times, ladies, it’s because he wants to talk to you. 

#2 The responses are lengthy. When you get texts, are they short and simple?  If they’re short, and matter-of-fact, they're not likely not into you. BUT, if they send you a long text message it’s because they want to go more in-depth, so they can hear what you think about the topic.  If they continue the conversation beyond your basic standard chit-chat, your opinion matters to them. That's a big sign. 

#3 They ask personal questions. If you notice that they have been asking deeper and more personal questions about who you are as a person, they definitely like you. Guys-particularly-don’t pay attention to those certain details without a reason. If they start asking about your personal goals, it’s not a job interview. It's because they want to know if there's a potential match with you. 

#4 They text first thing in the morning. Even before you check your Facebook, you get your “good morning” notification as soon as you awaken.  Remember, if they start their day with thoughts of you, then it's more than likely you are in their thoughts at other times also.  Not only is this a sign they really are into you, they are probably hoping for a reciprocal greeting from you, to better gauge your interest level. 

#5 They text you before he goes to sleep. Just like the good morning text, if you haven’t been texting very much during the day, the special “goodnight” texts with smiling emojis indicate they feel an emotional bond between you. In some ways, these texts sent before you both drift off to sleep can be even more intimate than the "good morning" ones. 

#6 A LOT of compliments. Are they using the words like 'funny,' 'cute,' or even 'smart' when they are text you? Pretty strong indication the flirt is on. An active message thread of these types of words indicate they want to win your approval. If you don't notice them, then you are probably missing their obvious feelings. 

#7 They use the flirty emojis. Lots of winking, heart eyes, or even the heart emoji in general, are animated ways that show they like you. It's the underlying reason why emojis are so popular in the first place. They can communicate an attraction without actually saying so in printed words.

#8 They may double-text, but they don't overdo it.  If you only get one message at a time and they are patient in waiting for your response, then they like you. They do this so you don’t think you are needy or annoying. If they add to it as if to say they forgot something, or they want to clarify the previous text, they care enough to make sure you don't misread the meaning. CAUTION: Too many of these rapid-fire texts before they get a chance to respond can be a negative. 

#9 They make it a point to initiate conversations if it's been a few hours. Are they usually the ones to start the conversations? Think about it. If they are seeking you out, it’s because they like you.  Men and women can handle this in different ways, since we are wired differently. For example, women may be more bold about the first text in the thread. Men-on the other hand-generally don’t initiate a texting conversation with someone unless they are really important to them. 

#10 They find random things to talk about. If you ever noticed that they go off on a random rant whenever the conversation seems to be trailing off, this is a big sign. They don not want the conversation-any conversation-die. When they feel that subject has run it's course, they will come up with another one to keep the communication going. 

#11 They ask about your day—and genuinely show they care when responding. If they text you throughout the day; wanting to know how work is going or what you’re up to, they genuinely are interested and they care for you. If your day is good, they will want to celebrate with you. If the day was rough, they are quick to encourage you. 

#12 They talk about themselves. Some may get the wrong idea about this; calling it egotistical. But, not so fast. Think of it as a kind of sales pitch.  There's also a desire to showcase what their passions are; hobbies, likes/dislikes, and goals. They are letting you know who they are, and letting YOU decide if there could be a match. Everything is on the table. 

#13 They text about hanging out. If they directly mention they want to get together in the future, or say anything like, “If I were there, we could…” then then they like you. They are intentional about putting the idea in your head of the two you together.  They want to be on your mind because you are already on their mind. 

#14 They talk to you about life dilemmas they face.  Let's say they are having trouble at work or are a little stressed out about a life or family situation. Maybe its an ex or a friend issue. When they are going to you for support or advice, they show they trust you. And THAT's because they really like you. Your opinion(s) on that situation matter, and they are comfortable enough to let you see their more vulnerable side. 

#15 Paging Captain Obvious--they actually SAY they like you. Some people may not take it seriously because it was “over a text.” Ladies, he might just make a comment like, “I like you; you’re funny." Or SHE may say, "you always make me laugh." Notice guys, if you were to check out the list of what single women want in a man, the ability to make them laugh is usually in the top 5! There's serious meaning in that. 


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