FRIDAY! U-High Cubs Become THE MUD DOGS From The Waterboy!


It's gonna be a BR high school football game of Bourbon Bowl proportions! OK, that may be a stretch, but it's certainly getting a LOT of attention. According to The Advocate, University High partnered with Adidas to wear the uniforms and helmets of South Central Louisiana State University; the fictional school where our favorite Waterboy Bobby Boucher emerged as the hero of the big game on the bayou. That was 20 years ago in 1998. Fast forward from that famous film release to this Friday night when U-High takes on Mentorship Academy. 

And how about this connection? Michael Papajohn, who was Adam Sandler’s stunt man during the film, is now a U-High parent, according to a tweet from University High Athletics (see below). By the way, on the same day (October 19th), you can buy your SCLSU merchandise, including a limited edition Bobby Boucher jersey that will sell for about $120, according to a news release from Adidas. 



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