LSU & Georgia Honoring Former Southern Player Devon Gales

A little over 3 years ago, the Southern University Jaguars faced an insurmountable task of going into Athens, GA to play the powerful Georgia Bulldogs. What turned out to be even tougher for the Jags during that football game was a freak injury to Baton Rouge native (and Central High grad) Devon Gales.  On a kick-off return in coverage, Devon was hit by Georgia kicker Marshall Morgan. Devon was sent to the ground paralyzed from the waist down. 

What happened after this tragedy was nothing short of amazing. The University of Georgia, their fans and sponsors opened up their wallets to help Devon and his family travel through a long recovery road; including world class treatment and physical therapy in Atlanta. The state of Georgia adopted Devon as their own son. UGA Coach Mark Richt did a "calling all Dawgs" appeal to help even more. And there was the Georgia kicker, Marshall Morgan. 

Following the injury, Morgan went to the hospital to see the injured Southern player he didn't even know. Devon's mom saw this big football player arrive with massive amounts of guilt. The Gales embraced Marshall with loving encouragement; letting him know they knew this injury to their son was not his fault. Then, something magical happened. 

This life-changing tragedy transformed two strangers into very close friends. Then, something more. Family. Brothers. That strong bond between Devon Gales and Marshall Morgan carried over after the Georgia kicker hung up his cleats.  In fact, after Marshall proposed to his girlfriend, their very first wedding invitation was sent to Devon. He rolled in to the wedding with pride just a few months ago. And it didn't stop there. Now, the Morgans are expecting their first child, and they have asked Devon to be the child's godfather. 

Fast forward now to the LSU-Georgia game. Even though Devon is a Baton Rouge native, he has never been inside Tiger Stadium. On Saturday, Devon will not only be there for the very first time, he will be recognized by LSU and Georgia during pre-game festivities. Football aside, it's a way Baton Rouge - and the Gales - will say thank you to Georgia. And to Devon for giving us many moments over these last 3 years to inspire all of us. 

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