All 50 States Club About To Welcome It's Youngest Member!

(WBRZ) Later this month a five-month-old will accomplish an incredible feat by becoming the youngest member of the All 50 States Club.

Harper Yeats has been traveling with her parents, Cindy Lim and Tristan Yeats, on a fourth month road trip across the U.S., according to ABC News. The family began the trip during Lim's maternity leave. On October 18, the family will arrive in Vermont marking their 50th state. (They just left Missouri yesterday. See below.)

"The real highlight of the trip is being able to make memories as a family on the road and Harper checking off milestones all over the country," said Lim. "It means so many places around the U.S.A. are going to be unforgettable to us in the years to come." 

Harper seemed a bit sleepy when they arrived in California. 

Harper seemed happiest at Utah border...

Ready to get a slice of the Big Apple ... Juice. 


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