House Divided No More: Newborn Breaks LSU-Ole Miss Rivalry

WBRZ News 2: It took a newborn baby to bring a long-standing team rivalry to a screeching halt.

Kara Denstel is an alum from LSU while Cory Denstel's family are faithful Ole Miss season ticket holders with a condo in Oxford. Kara and Cory's family had always been a house divided--until now. 

The two took their pregnancy as an opportunity to bring their long rivalry.  "Our family’s tiebreaker is on the way," they said. 

Coincidentally, baby Ivy's due date grew closer and closer to this season's game between the Tigers and the Rebels. Kara went into labor Friday night around 9:45 p.m. joking that her baby would be delivered at kick off. Baby Ivy must have heard and responded Kara began to push at kick off. The nurses kept the TV on in the delivery room and everyone, including the staff, cheered when LSU scored.

Ivy Denstel made her appearance at 10 p.m., but Cory still had fingers crossed that their daughter would be an Ole Miss fan.  Cory said Ivy was going to be his “rally baby” meaning that once she was born, his team would make a comeback.

With 45-16 being the final score-and the Tigers winning the Magnolia Bowl, Kara settled that Ivy supports Purple and Gold. "I like to think this all means that Ivy IS our tiebreaker — for LSU. Geaux Tigers," said Kara.

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