Don’t Miss It: TUESDAY is an AWESOME Day--And Here’s Why!

Tuesday is probably the most misunderstood, and overlooked day of the week. But, it really should not be. Here are my ten reasons WHY it's so important. 

1. Monday is outta there . And while Wednesday is recognized by a majority of working camels as Hump DAAY, there are still 2 more working days before the weekend. However, on Tuesday, you’re not quite thinking about the weekend yet, and that leads to my next point.

2. You get more productive work done on Tuesday. In a recent survey from Accountemps, 40 percent of HR directors report employees get more done on this day.

3. It’s a great day for your career. According to Inc., if you’re looking for a job, there are more job postings than the other business days of the week. Better news: Smart Recruiters has research that shows more people get hired on Tuesdays.

4. Taco Tuesday! Want a little sour cream to go with that?

5. Geaux Mardi Gras. If you are – in fact—you are reading this on Tuesday, Oct. 2nd, Fat Tuesday is a mere 154 days from today. If you’re doing the math, it is on March 5th, 2019. 

6. It’s the best workout day. Whether you semi-regularly hit the gym, OR you have made the decision now to START working out, you’re STILL 3 to 4 days before the weekend. Besides, Tuesday is an awesome recovery day from the nervous eating we did while watching LSU and the Saints play.

7. It’s the best day to grocery shop. Fewer crowds and more products to choose from. The brands that went empty over the weekend began to be re-stocked on Monday. By Tuesday, everything is usually on the shelves.

8. It’s the safest day on the road. That National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports there are fewer fatal crashes on Tuesday than all of the other days of the week.

9. Plan to FLY! According to Hopper, the best online Airline deals show-up at midnight on Tuesday.

10. CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR’S DAY! Since both holidays show up on Tuesday this year, many companies will also give you Monday off. Can you say 4-day weekend?

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