Put Down Your Smart Phone. It's Depressing Your Dog!

Smart phone addiction is real, and it's not only affecting us, but it may be affecting our dogs according to new research.

A spike in unruly dogs the last five years has prompted researchers to look into what is causing aggressive behavior. A British campaign group, "Digital Detox" says adults spend 9.5 hours on a screen per day. That's more than we sleep! And veterinary nurse, Amber Pickworth from Anglia Ruskin University thinks THAT's the reason there is a change in so many dog's behavior.

Dogs are pack animals and they take their humans...as their protectors and pack leaders. But, if owners are not giving their pets feedback or attention, dogs panic.

Also, if you tend to look at your phone when you get home rather than play with your pup, she becomes bored. Signs to look for that your dog is unhappy: pacing and yawning. Ms. Pickworth suggests putting the phone down, and going for a walk; just you and the dog! 

CREDIT: The Daily Mail--Click here for more research findings. 

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